What Did We Do For Green Building?

Obtaining a class A energy identity certificate





Providing the consumed energy from the Solar Power Plant






Establishment of an electric vehicle charging station in the building campus





Storing rainwater for use in the irrigation system




O building around the tree to be planted in the direction of increasing the awareness stage and placing the bird nests in trees


Preparation and approval of the building ecology report by expert ecologists


Increasing Plant Diversity (Maple, Thuja, Smarkat, Boxwood, Leyladil, Rose, Pine, Apricot, Almond etc.)



 Making the service building suitable for the use of people with disabilities


Providing easy access with safe pedestrian roads






Establishment of a recycling station





Establishment of a free charging station and bike park for cyclists



Reporting and approval of weather observations in accordance with the standards


Reporting the acoustic measurements of the building according to the relevant standards and finding it successful


Ensuring energy savings by developing maintenance procedures for heating, cooling and mechanical systems and reducing the damage caused by the mechanical system to the environment.


Ensuring energy efficiency in cooling systems


No NOx (nitrogen oxide) and CO (carbon monoxide) emissions to nature and the environment due to the use of geothermal energy in heating systems


Thanks to the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) sensor, regular solutions of building meeting rooms are made and appropriate


Minimizing light pollution to the environment caused by indoor and outdoor lighting


Building interior and exterior cleaning in accordance with standards


Providing lighting control to the building users in the working environment


Possibility of controlling the ambient temperature and providing a natural and mechanical ventilation environment for building users




In addition, we minimize contact by using contactless buttons in our elevators during the coronavirus period.



Green Building

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