Our Green Building

Our service building, which has an architecture that can be a symbol of Afyonkarahisar, also attracts attention with its environmentalist aspect.


Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Service Building was built between 2011-2013 and was put into service in 2014. Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was built with an aesthetic and architectural planning that attracts attention in the region, instead of a flat structure like traditional architectural works, comes to the fore in Afyonkarahisar. Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is projected forward-looking, consists of a basement, 5 floors and half floors on an area of ​​​​approximately 8 thousand 250 square meters. It has a rectangular shape with diagonal eaves, welcoming people with its glass facades. In addition, the symbol of Afyonkarahisar, Afyon Marble was used in the building.





In the entrance area and around the parking lot; There are manicured green islands and trees. On the back and sides of the building, greenery has grown naturally. In addition, Afyonkarahisar TSO planted new trees in line with the field boundaries.

While air pollution is prevented in the building, where the heating need is provided by the thermal sources in the city, Afyon TSO management has established a solar energy production facility to meet the electricity need. There are 2139 solar panels, each of which is 1.65 square meters, in the system, which has the capacity to produce 550 kilowatts of energy, installed on the roof of the prefabricated building at the back of the service building.




The ATSO Service Building, which is a highly technological building in terms of both the air conditioning system and the functions it contains, has a seat capacity of 170 people, including the press and audience, in its Assembly hall, and the capacity can be increased up to 200 people according to the programs. Our hall, which has Dolby digital sound system, is equipped with cutting-edge technology. The images and sounds of the meetings are recorded in digital environment and the images are transferred to the screen with a moving camera. The images of the hall are simultaneously transmitted to the entire TV system of the building and to the assembly hall and also to the televisions in the foyer area. Digital voting can be done in our hall. Simultaneous translation infrastructure in two languages ​​at the same time is also available in this hall. Measurements of the acoustically designed hall are also made regularly.




In addition to the assembly hall in the building, our hall, which has a cinema style designed Dolby digital sound system for 126 people, is equipped with high technology. In our salon, simultaneous bilingual translation service can be provided. The images and sounds of the meetings are recorded in digital environment, and the images are transferred to the screen with a moving camera. Measurements of the acoustically designed hall are also made regularly.





In addition, there is a 600 square meter restaurant and a 400 square meter club in the building that can meet the current need. In our service building designed for the disabled, there are warning signs for the disabled, parking lots and elevators and roads for easy access within the service building.







Our Chamber, which attaches great importance to renewable energy, has a new generation e-charging station and bicycle parks with solar panels on it.




Our Chamber, which attaches great importance to recycling, has also obtained the Zero Waste Certificate with the recycling collection area it has established.



Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry received the Outstanding Green Building certificate from Building Research Establishment Global (BREEAM), headquartered in London, the capital city of England. With this success, ATSO became the first public institution in Turkey to receive the highest level certificate in the existing building category determined by BREEAM.


After the project titled “ATSO Gets the Green Label”, prepared within the framework of Zafer Development Agency's 2018 Environment and Energy Infrastructure Financial Support Program, was accepted, an application was made to Building Research Establishment Global, headquartered in the capital of England. Fulfilling the criteria determined by BREEAM for the ATSO service building and its surroundings, ATSO was awarded the Green Building Certificate as a result of nearly 2 years of hard work.




Green Building

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