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Telephone 0 (272) 223 15 05
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  PRESIDENT OF ASSEMBLY Mehmet Sıtkı MERDİVENCI 223 15 05 223 10 59
  VICE PRESIDENT OF ASSEMBLY Mustafa Asim BOZCA 213 92 25 215 19 87
  VICE PRESIDENT OF ASSEMBLY Bekir Ms. 221 10 60 221 10 61
  CLERK MEMBER OF THE ASSEMBLY Osman ERDEM 214 86 88 214 86 89

1) Our Chamber is represented by the Speaker of the Assembly in the Protocol.

2) To elect the members of the chamber board of directors and disciplinary board. 

3) To elect the Union's general assembly delegates from among its members.
4) To examine and decide on the proposals to be made by the board of directors.
5) To take compulsory professional decisions.

6) To identify and announce the commercial and industrial customs and practices within the working areas.

7) Examining and approving the monthly balance sheet and transfer requests

8) Establishing arbitration institutions in order to resolve disputes arising between its members or related to these agreements if they are included in the agreement made by the members, and to approve the arbitrator and expert lists to be requested by the courts.

9) To decide on the penalties to be proposed by the disciplinary board about the members registered in the chamber.

10) Approving the annual budget and final accounts and acquitting the board of directors, initiating proceedings against those deemed responsible

11) Deciding to buy, sell, build, allocate, consolidate and pledge immovable property, borrow money, expropriate, build schools and classrooms, establish companies and foundations or become partners in established companies within the framework of the provisions of this Law.

12) To accept the internal directive of the Chamber and submit it to the Union's approval.

13) To examine and finalize the objections made against the decisions to be made by the Board of Directors regarding the obligation to register to the chamber or the degrees of the members.

14) Establishing specialized commissions and advisory boards according to professions and problems.

15) Being a member of domestic and foreign industrial, commercial and economic organizations and sending delegates to their congresses.

16) Waiving the follow-up of the receivables that have become impossible to collect or amnesty of the dues debts and delay hikes of the members who die, leave the trade, leave the room and have difficulty in paying their dues due to force majeure events such as fire, flood, earthquake and similar natural disasters, and To examine and decide on the proposals received from the board of directors regarding their restructuring and lawsuits to be filed on behalf of the chamber or members, and to transfer this authority to the board of directors when deemed necessary.

17) To give honorary membership to those who have given important services to the chamber work or Turkish economic life, with the decision of two thirds of the total number of members of the assembly.

18) To perform other duties assigned by the relevant legislation.

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